About Us

It is our belief that a “true” luxury is one that provides pleasure and indulgence, but does so in a way that causes no harm to our planet or to the health of its inhabitants.

It’s been said that once the rich adopt a trend it’s only a matter of time before it becomes accepted by the mainstream. If this in fact is the case then the green movement is in for some good news as more and more green alternatives for some of the finer things in life are beginning to surface including organic champagne, organic caviar and other fine foods, as well as durable luxury goods and getaways to exotic locales and tropical beaches. These goods we feel have a higher intrinsic value because of their sustainability but also because of the passion, caring and love that goes into creating them.

There are those who consider green luxury to be an oxymoron or complain of eco-elitism. We don’t believe this is the case. From an economic perspective new technologies for the most part will tend to have a higher price tag making them more readily available to those with greater financial means. It’s a supply and demand thing. If the new technology is deemed to be beneficial then demand for it will increase and the price will eventually come down. It’s a similar thing where handcrafted goods are concerned. Provided slave labor is not involved, they too will tend to have a higher price tag than mass produced goods because of the time it takes to create them means their supply is limited.

With this in mind, we thought we’d focus on the brighter side of the green movement by showcasing the green alternatives available in terms of conventional luxury goods and celebrating the efforts of those promoting environmental awareness as well as the accomplishments of those hard at work developing new sustainable technologies that make it easier for the rest of us to indulge in the occasional or (more than occasional) luxury.

As well, though we might like to, we can’t really forget about those whose “profits at any cost” mentality poses potential threats to environmental sustainability and the health and welfare of people across the globe, One such company that comes to mind starts with “Mon” and ends with “santo”. Corporations such as these are causing harm to our soil, endangering our food and water supply and our health and harming our children.

Our world is at stake and it is time for us to get educated about how it is being harmed and what we can do about it. Afterall without our health it would be difficult to enjoy life’s luxuries and without the health of our planet there would be no luxuries for us to enjoy!