Blurred lines… Wedding Gowns Show Eco Fashion No Longer the Ugly Stepchild

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Remember this name, Sohad Acouri.   He’s definitely one to watch…  After having seen some of the pieces in the Sohad Acouri Couture collection,  it’s very clear that the lines differentiating eco-fashion with mainstream fashion, have been irretrievably blurred.  Eco Fashion now provides all of the style and beauty that mainstream fashion provides with the added benefit of “not causing any harm or destruction”.

For the longest time, eco-fashion was considered to be inferior to mainstream fashion, the ugly stepchild in the fashion world, so to speak,  and was characterized as either drab and formless or completely offbeat.  The commitment and desire on the part of many designers to create and produce their pieces in a sustainable way however, has led to the technological advances that now provide us with a greater range of natural and sustainable fabrics with more vibrant colors and textures than ever before.

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Sohad Acouri is one such designer.  Sohad was born in Lebanon, and grew up watching his mother, who was a tailor, create custom shirts for high profile clients such as Jacques Chirac and Camille Chamoun.”  He later trained and obtained a solid background in tailoring and design and eventually relocated to Dubai, where he has been based for the past 13 years.

Sohad Acouri’s eco-consciousness is deeply rooted in his childhood with fond memories of a time when he was surrounded by mountains, cedar trees, water flows and the sea and credits this for providing him with a sense of calmness and resilience, as well as a desire to create and produce in a sustainable way.  His collection includes both evening wear and wedding gowns that are created with sustainable fabrics.  Sohad has stated that he cannot design a dress without creating a dream!  True to his words, his dresses feature intricate details and have an ethereal quality that is reminiscent of a dream come to life!

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Sohad is one of many designers leading the way and demonstrating the endless possibilities of sustainable fashion.  Some great changes are happening in the fashion industry now, as more and more designers, both new and established, are going beyond the superficial and starting to take a deeper look at their supply chain and at the full impact of their creations on the world around them.  More and more of them are realizing that sustainability and ethics is the future and does not, in any way, require them to compromise on their vision and creativity.  The future of fashion does indeed look bright and green!

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