AWAVEAWAKE – A New Sustainable Collection

awaveawake jaclyn hodes combo pic

There’s a new sustainable collection in the fashion world, well okay, a relatively new one. The Awaveawake line, by former stylist Jaclyn Hodes was first launched in the fall of 2012, as a means of starting a conversation about ethical fashion and conscious sourcing.

Jaclyn is a practicing yogi and credits a spiritual shift, during a Kundalini yoga retreat in the desert, as the inspiration for her career change. This spiritual shift is also a foundational element of the line. The line focuses on sustainable fabrics including organic cotton, bamboo silk and hemp… that have been dyed with natural plant based dyes. The plant dyes are used not only for their more healthful impact, both to individuals and the planet, but also because of the vibrational frequency that resonates within them, as they carry the essences of the plants they come from. It is because of this, Jaclyn believes, “people find the pieces so special”.

The collection has a minimalist aspect with an ethereal or exotic quality, but is very wearable. In her own words “I focus on somewhat simple, wearable silhouettes that flow and move well with the body…” Although still a very young line, it has already received notable recognition, having been featured in W Magazine as well as Vogue.

Jaclyn Hodes’ latest collection is SS14 and can be seen here. I really like this line and am looking forward to more!