I’ll take one of those! Stella McCartney Faux Napa Handbags…

stella mccartney red handbag comboBeautiful! I’ve been looking for a red handbag… and this one’s going on my Christmas list 🙂  The Beckett Big Shoulder Bag, nice and roomy, just the way I like ‘em.  Thanks Stella!  It’s part of Stella McCartney’s  collection of eco faux leather handbags for 2013 and hopefully future collections to come.

There are various forms of faux leather, which have been the materials of choice for vegans and anyone concerned with the ethical treatment of animals, however it is not always the healthiest and most sustainable, as many of these faux leather alternatives are made with petroleum by-products.  The two main ones include Polyurethane/PU leather and PVC leather, both of which have known toxic effects, including outgassing, which in turn can be absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.  These materials are also known to be highly flammable, particularly when stored in small spaces..

Stella McCartney and her team however, are taking it upon themselves to use more innovative materials, which is what sustainability is all about; finding innovative ways to create without causing any harm to people, animals and the planet.  The Faux Napa Leather used in this collection contains 50% vegetable oil, a natural renewable resource.  This means less petroleum based materials are needed.  There’s certainly still some room for improvement but we’re making progress.   It just underscores the importance of “smart” innovation as opposed to the short sighted “not so smart” innovations that have led us to where we are today.

Looking forward to more advances from Stella’s future collections!
The Beckett Big Shoulder Bag can be purchased for $1,340.00
On her website