Tesla’s Model S blends luxury with sustainability and takes electric cars to the next level!

tesla model STesla’s Model S electric luxury sedan has received Consumer Report’s highest rating ever awarded and is taking electric cars to the next level.  Featured in the magazine’s July 2013 edition, the Model S received a score of 99 out of 100, the highest rating awarded for all car classes.  (The Lexus LS460 is the only other car to have received that score, and that was in 2009).   The Model S has earned high praise for its esthetic appeal, its world class high performance, as well as its innovative features.  Its door handles slide out when touched, starting is as easy as a light tough to the break pedal, and the dashboard features a 17 inch display screen that allows you to control everything.

What differentiates the Model S from other electric cars is it’s large battery size that allows it to go 200 miles before needing another charge.  This compares to the Ford Focus and Nissan Leaf that go 75 and 85 miles respectively, before needing another charge.  This limitation to shorter road trips however, currently remains the downside for electric cars.  Until the infrastructure is built to accommodate all electric cars, hybrids will remain the more practical option.  It should be noted that Tesla has set up super charging stations specifically for the Tesla Model S at certain locations that allow you to plan your road trip based on the need for the recharges that will be required given the distance traveled.

The price for the Model S ranges from $77,800 to $103,000, depending on the features selected.  Just a suggestion to Tesla though, if you want make this car (as well as your other models) even more sustainable, you might want to look into a substitute for the napa leather.  I am more than certain there are options out there that are more sustainable without sacrificing any of the luxury.  We’re happy to help you find one!

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For those of you who like the “performance” aspect of a car, this is a fun video to watch!

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