Ice Pressed Olive Oil, the final step to perfection?

Ice Pressed Organic Olive Oil

In its 6,000 year history, Olive oil has been recognized as both a culinary and a medicinal treasure.  In fact, it was referred to by various civilizations as “Liquid Gold” and a “Gift from God” and was viewed as a magical substance that was the “fountain of great wealth and power”.

Olive oil generally requires minimal processing and throughout time, various versions of presses were used to extract the oil.  In more recent times, however the manufacturing of olive oil, for the most part, has taken on industrial proportions from the harvesting of the olives to the processing of the oil.  These new highly mechanized processes have led to a poorer quality oil and has eliminated much of its healing properties.

Questions have also been raised in recent years about the quality of the “so called” extra virgin olive oils, considered to be the gold standard for premium olive oil.  A 2007 report by Tom Mueller pointing to allegations that some of Italy’s biggest producers had been diluting their olive oil with cheap (hazelnut oil) imported from Turkey led to an investigation and arrests by EU authorities.  As well, various reports including one by researchers at the University of California have found quality problems with premium olive oils.  There are various discussions now underway among industry officials on how to establish better guidelines to ensure quality olive oil.

Fortunately for us, there still remains a number of smaller artisanal producers who are dedicated to preserving the time honored traditional harvesting and extraction methods, and as such, have been able to  maintain the superb flavor quality and high level of medicinal nutrients found in pure olive oil.  One such producer, however has taken this one step further to elevate its olive oil to another level.

Rallis Olive Oil comes from a family owned, centuries old olive grove in Greece where the art of producing a superior olive oil has been passed down from generation to generation.  The resulting oil is a single estate premium olive oil produced from Koroneiki olives.  These olives have been described as “very low yield”, but with “an incredible well balanced flavor with grassy notes and a hint of spice”.   The olives are grown organically, are harvested by hand and the oil is extracted within hours of harvesting.

Driven by a desire to maintain the oil’s medicinal properties however, Rallis brothers Theo and Steve worked to develop a new extraction technique that would ensure the maximum level of nutrients while maintaining the olive oil’s superior flavor.  This method was called “ice pressed” and is the first of its kind in the world.  It differs from the cold pressed technique, which does involve some heat, by extracting the oil without any heat at all.  Though more costly to produce than the cold pressed method, it does maintain the oil’s integrity and produces an olive oil with qualities that more closely resembles that which was so revered in ancient times.

Organic Ice Pressed Rallis Olive Oil had been produced for only four short years now and has already won international awards.  With a near flawless acidity of .1% this olive oil is fast becoming a favorite among the world’s best chefs and food lovers alike.

A true luxury!  Indulgent authentic flavors AND life enhancing nutrients.

Who knew living well could taste so good!

Rallis Olive Oil is now available at Fresh Unlimited or can also be purchased by contacting Rallis Olive Oil directly.
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