Heading to Toronto for TIFF? … here are some Green spots you might want to check out !

Green Spots in Toronto during TIFFWell it’s on!  The 2011 Edition of  Toronto’s International Film Festival gets underway today.  Though we’ve still got a way to go, Toronto’s green side has evolved nicely and led us to some real treasures.   So if you’re in town for the festival, here are some of Toronto’s best green spots:

The Fairmont Royal York hotel appears to be the best bet when it comes to sustainable luxury hotels in the city.  The Fairmont company as a whole has, for quite some time, taken a special interest in greening its overall operations but the Royal York in particular has been recognized for its environmental initiatives including its rooftop organic herb garden and beehive.   Its menu features dishes created with local, organic and sustainable ingredients and meats.  Organic and biodynamic wines are also available.

As well, the Royal York’s Library Bar has created 3 special drinks in honor of TIFF featuring ingredients from its rooftop organic garden and beehive: The Breakaway, Festival Buzz-Tini and the Raj Kapoor.   Cheers!

Restaurants can be a little difficult.  There are a fair number of them that are serving dishes made with local ingredients, natural meats but many don’t specify whether these are organic or not.  Others however are fully committed to using 100% organic ingredients while still others give themselves some leeway by specifying that they  make every effort to use organic ingredients where ever possible – here are a few you might want to check out:

Live and Organic
Live Food Bar   Casual dining – menu includes some cooked items – organic wines, beer and spirits available
Rawlicious   Casual dining – menu includes some cooked items – organic wines and beer available

Organic                                                                                                                  The Beet Organic Café   Casual dining – organic beer and wine available     Camros Organic Eatery   Casual Persian cuisine

Organic where possible
Auberge du Pommier  Fine Dining – Organic ingredients as much as possible, ingredients sourced from boutique farmers, naturally raised meat, sustainably sourced seafood, organic and biodynamic wines available
Banu  Casual/Chic – Traditional Iranian cuisine and vodka bar – organic meats available – organic vodka available
Pangaea  Fine Dining – Seasonal menu organic ingredients where possible – organic wines not available                                                                                              Niagara Street Café   Casual/Cozy dining – bistro french/mediteranean options – natural raised meat, organic dairy, artisan products                                                                                                              Magic Oven  Casual dining – Pizza, pasta – use local ingredients and organic ingredients where possible, no preservatives or additives

If you’re just looking for a quick coffee and snack:                                                                                                                  Cafes, coffee bakeries and amazing chocolates
Alternative Grounds  Fair trade and organic coffees
Soma Chocolate  Chocolate bar and café – in historic distillery district – organic where possible
Organic Oven  Cafe – gluten-free baked goods, desserts, breads and sandwiches, organic coffee and teas
Mercury Espresso Bar  Coffee Bar – Organic specialty coffee

Wines and Spirits
Because of the restrictive laws of the province of Ontario, wines and spirits are only allowed through the producer or the LCBO.  Many of the LCBO outlets throughout the city do carry a selection of organic wines and spirits.

Bloor West Organic Spa   Facials, body treatments, manicure, pedicure, waxing
Urb Organic Spa  Facials, peels, waxing, tinting, special treatments including LED therapy, oxygen…
Elixir Organic Spa  Facials, massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing
Pure and Simple   Specialized facials, hair removal, tinting
Organic Spa ‘N Lounge   Facials, body treatments, massage, manicure, pedicure, hair removal

Eco Flora   Fair trade, organic and wild crafted flowers

Fresh Unlimited has accumulated quite a database during our years in the green gifts industry.  If there is something specific you are looking for in an organic, gmo-free or sustainable version, let us know, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!

Enjoy the festival!