Sun, Surf and Eco Surfboards!

pics at the top and bottom right by Clark Little

I’ve never surfed and probably never will but I do love the ocean, as well as the sun and heat that’s somehow automatically implied when you think about surfing, especially given that it’s November, the skies are grey and snow is coming. An opportune time to showcase the eco side of surfing and some amazing surf photography by surfer turned photographer Clark Little.

Envirosurfer and Avila Boards have collaborated on a line of Eco Friendly Surf Boards. The goal of this collaboration was to develop surfboards using eco friendly materials but to do so without sacrificing on performance. The materials used include hemp, bamboo and epoxy glass with bio derived components. It’s not really surprising that many surfers are also environmental advocates given how intertwined this sport is with the environment.

The boards sell for $625. A great gift for your favorite surfer! And for those who prefer their waves a little less up close and personal, Clark Little’s coffee table book and prints will allow you to experience the beauty and majesty for the ocean and waves from a safer distance!