Mumm’s 4th Explorer Experience – And the chosen destination was … the Gobi Desert


The fourth edition of the House of Champagne G.H. Mumm’s Explorer Experience took place on September 8th to the 11th taking 2 lucky winners along with a group of invited guests on an extravagant adventure in the Gobi Desert. The expedition was highlighted by a gourmet feast created by renown 3 star Michelin chef Alain Passard, owner of l’Arpege in Paris and a passionate organic/biodynamic advocate.

The dinner, or rather epicurean experience included an endless procession of audacious and unique G.H. Mumm paired dishes inspired by ingredients local to Mongolia. There were a total of 11 dishes served including Taboule Arlequin Douceur des Dunes (Tabouli w/ carrots, black radish, green onions, turnip flowers, white celery), Caviar Violette Facon Mongole, Pomme de Terre des Sables (red potatoes w/ lemon and white honey) and Ecole de Feu (Mongolian roast beef).

The exceptional dinners series is organized by both Mumm’s and Mike Horn with the goal being to draw attention and celebrate the beauty of the planet. Mike Horn who is currently in the middle of the four year Pangaea Expedition (his adventure can be followed here), has been acknowledged as one of the modern world’s greatest explorers and extreme adventurer. He is very committed to sharing his knowledge with the younger generation to ensure the beauty of the planet is preserved for all the future generations.