Game On! Win a chance to be a part of Mumm’s 4th Explorer Experience extravaganza

G.H. Mumm launched an online photography competition this week. The winner will win a once in a lifetime invitation to be a part of this year’s Mumm Explore Experience to take place in September and indulge in a gastronomic feast prepared by a Michelin starred chef in one of the world’s most exotic locales where the only special effect is the unspoiled landscape.

Previous editions have taken VIP guests to Greenland on an iceberg drifting in the Sermilik Fjord, to Antarctica where Commander Charcot spent the winter in 1904 and most recently to a sandbar in the Great Barrier Reef. Last year’s meal was prepared by Chef Mauro Colagreco, owner of a restaurant on the Cote d’Azure, which includes an organic garden.

The Mumm Explorer Experience is a joint venture between G.H. Mumm and South African Explorer Mike Horn with a goal to bring attention to the threat of climate change and to celebrate some of the most beautiful places and enjoy some of the most amazing flavors this planet has to offer.

G.H. Mumm is also a sponsor of Mike Horn’s Pangaea expedition whose goal is to raise awareness about the need to preserve the beauty of our world for future generations.

To enter, take a picture of what you believe to be the best set of a “stunning dinner to celebrate the world’s beauty.” Upload your photo and the 10 pictures with the most votes will be reviewed by a jury panel. Contest ends July 4th. Winners will be announced July 14th.

Good Luck!