Welcome the New Year with Bubbles!

Fleury Vineyard’s award winning Millesime 1996 biodynamic champagne is the perfect way to celebrate the New Year. The unique terroir of the region combined with the care and attention given to the champagne making process in its entirety by the Fleury family, especially using biodynamic practices have resulted in a superb champagne.

The Champagne Fleury Vineyard, established in 1895 in Cote de Bar in the south of the Champagne region is known for its innovation. In 1970 the seeds of biodynamic production were planted in Jean-Pierre Fleury’s mind. By 1989, The Fleury Vineyard was the first in the region to convert to biodynamic production with 3 hectares of land converted and by 1992, the entire estate was producing biodynamic champagne.

Perfect to mark any memorable occasion!
($140.00 price range)
Happy New Year Everyone!!!