Holiday ’09 Green Luxury Gift Guide

Welcome to our first annual Green Luxury Gift Guide! More and more we are seeing green gift options that are equal, if not superior to conventional items. There are now green versions for just about every consumable product.

Green products are either made with sustainable materials, made using renewable energy sources, made in accordance with fair trade principles or where food products are concerned, and this includes fine champagnes and chocolate truffles, made with organic and/or gmo-free ingredients. For the most part, these items are not mass produced but created with a sense of passion and caring for the planet.

We look forward to the day when distinctions between green and non-green items will no longer be necessary because all items will be made this way! Happy (Green) Holidays!!!

Spa Retreat: Banyan Tree Eco Resort and Spa, Phuket
refresh and rejuvenate with a complete sensory experience steeped in holistic Asian healing traditions, Indulge guiltlessly in this 5 star luxury knowing the founders are committed to environmental preservation and to the social welfare of local residents. (pool villa rates start at $1048/night + airfare, meals, spa treatments)

Platinum Tahitian Pearl Ring
This stunning ring features a Tahitian cultured pearl gracefully set upon a diamond accented cup of precious metal. The complexity of its color and shine will capture the imagination. This pearl was harvested sustainably from the clean waters of a lagoon about 300 miles north of Tahiti. ($1650.00)

Stella McCartney Organic Nylon Hobo Bag: Stylish and functional this versatile Hobo bag will take you from day to evening in a snap. As with all Stella McCartney handbags, it’s cruelty free!

Handcrafted Wild Silk Shawl:
The luxurious feel of silk without any of the guilt. Unlike conventional silk, wild silk cloth is made without harming the silkworms and is only extracted after they have emerged from the cocoon.
($195.00 and up)