Jewels of Distinction: Monique Pean Cufflinks

monique pean bering cufflinks combo B sm

I’ve always liked the look of cufflinks. I’m not exactly sure what it is but they seem to make a plain white shirt come to life somehow. Maybe it’s the touch of understated elegance they add. (And if you’re going to have elegance, understated is probably the best kind). In any case the cufflinks designed by Monique Pean would be a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe, along with the french cuff shirt of course.

Inspired by her travels to numerous exotic locations including, among others; Bali, Alaska, Egypt, Brasil and Greece, Monique Pean’s cufflinks collection reflects nature’s impeccable yet unassuming beauty. This designer is one of the few breaking new ground in the fine jewelry industry by focusing on sustainability.

The rectangular and asymmetrical styles shown above are part of the Bering Collection. Both are made with eco-friendly, sustainable and conflict free materials including recycled gold and fossilized walrus ivory, which has been naturally colored by the earth’s minerals. The black rectangular cufflinks also include black baleen.

The finalist for an award by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Vogue Magazine (as per Eco-Chick) donates.10% of profits from the Bering Collection to support Alaska Native arts and culture. As well, 50% of the proceeds from the Charity Water Collection goes to Charity Water, a non-profit committed to bringing clean water to impoverished people around the globe.
(Cufflinks shown above $1650 US)