Butcher Couture Eyewear: The World Through Green Colored Glasses?

butcher couture

I don’t think any accessory has been more intimately linked to Hollywood and glamour than sunglasses. Maybe it’s because they provide an element of anonymity or mystery or perhaps because they can help hide a night of indulgence, but whatever the case, whether for fashion or function, (they do have a functional purpose too), they’re an accessory that most everyone owns and often, more than one pair.

As with all fashion, sunglass styles are continuously evolving but as with all fashion, there are some standards that live on. One such standard is the aviator style. Enter Butcher Couture a progressive luxury label that distinguishes itself by espousing values that blend high fashion and high standards with sustainability.

Butcher Couture is entering the accessories market this season with the launch of Butcher Couture Eyewear. The innovative collection will feature 2 styles, the “retro” Voyager and the Pilot, a modern version of the aviator shade. The all-over leather sunglasses with removable frames are handmade in France using 100% vegetable tan leather and threads dyed with low impact dyes.

Each style is available in a “rich crayon palette of warm and bright” colors while the lenses are offered in one of three tones; graduated brown, graduated grey or mirror blue. The company intends to refresh the collection each season with new styles, colors and embellishments. The new collection will be presented for the 1st time at the eyewear show Silmo in Paris on September 17th to the 20th and will be seen during Paris Fashion Week.

With the Toronto International Film Festival almost here, you can be sure this accessory will feature prominently among the many attendees, perhaps we’ll see Butcher Couture Eyewear on
Leo Di Caprio or Jennifer Aniston??? Price range £290 or approximately $475 US
(for purchase information contact Butcher Couture)