Jewels of Distinction: World of Africa Bracelet

world of africa

Reminiscent of the beauty and majesty of Africa and its wildlife, the World of Africa Bracelet adds a touch of fun and elegance to any ensemble. This stunning yet versatile piece features hand carved giraffes, elephants and zebras among other African wildlife and is perfect for either a casual or more formal look. The World of Africa Bracelet was created by hand by Precious Earth Fine Jewelry with recycled gold. Using recycled gold avoids the environmental impacts of mining.

The bracelet is also adorned with Namibian diamonds which are some of the highest quality diamonds in the world. Yes, we’re aware of the concerns with blood diamonds, but it appears Namibia along with the Kimberly Process have taken measures to improve this situation. All diamonds with the Team Namibia logo, which these have, are certified as natural and ethically sourced. Team Namibia also employs local people from disadvantaged backgrounds and provides them with the training and skills to provide for their families. (Please watch video here)

According to an article in the Mail & Guardian, the main trouble spots for blood diamonds are Zimbabwe and Venezuela. This goes to show that all diamonds are not created equal and highlights the importance of consumers to take the time and educate themselves about their purchases. While some advocate an all out ban on all diamonds, there are others who believe in the rights of a country to develop a resources industry as long as it is done in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.
The World of Africa Bracelet is available for purchase for $39,500