It’s a Nice Day for a White Green Wedding… Part 2 – The Dress

versace and oscar de la renta hemp silk gowns 2

The wedding dress, one of the highlights of the day and often the culmination of a childhood fantasy. Finding THE perfect dress is one of the funnest parts of planning a wedding and is usually the first thing a bride to be does. It can also though, be a stressful experience, especially for those hoping to find a gown made with sustainable fabric, you know the kind that doesn’t come saturated with chemical pesticides and herbicides. Fortunately green options are beginning to pop up including from couture designers Oscar de la Renta and Versace.

The 2 gowns pictured above, Oscar de la Renta (on the left) and Versace (on the right) are made with hemp silk fabric.

Hemp fibers come from the hemp plant, a very hardy crop that grows very well without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Sustainable silk is a biodegradable protein fiber that comes from mulberry silkworm cocoons and is harvested in an animal cruelty-free way. When blended together these two fibers create a durable yet luxuriously lightweight fabric with a silky lustrous appearance, perfect for a wedding gown!

You can contact Oscar de la Renta here and Versace here or contact your favorite designer and ask that they create your special dress with sustainable fabrics like hemp silk or organic cotton. This way you are sure to truly get THE perfect dress!