James Bond’s Aston Martin Gets an Eco Makeover

aston martin cygnet and daniel craig

Well it’s not exactly what you’re thinking. Yes Aston Martin is developing an eco friendly model but it’s doing so in partnership with Toyota. The Cygnet will be based on Toyota’s IQ city car but will have some of the features you would find in James Bond’s Aston Martin including a sporty grille, alloy wheels, and a luxury interior. The supermini will go from 0 to 60 mph in 14.2 seconds compared to 4.2 seconds for the Aston Martin and will cost approximately $33,000 US compared to $265,000 US for the original model.

I still don’t understand why most hybrid/eco cars have that boxy square shape, wouldn’t a more aerodynamic form provide even better efficiency? Somehow the visual effect of seeing James Bond being chased through the streets of some exotic location in the Cygnet just doesn’t have the same cachet as with Aston’s other models.

The Cygnet’s low CO2 emissions and high fuel efficiency however, make it ideal as a luxury commuter car. Although it is expected to be available next year, you may have to wait a while longer before you can buy one. That is of course, unless you already own an Aston Martin or are planning to buy one, as the company will not initially be making its eco model available to the general public.