Is Mumm Champagne Coming Over to the Green Side? Explore Experience Gourmet Feast

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Champagne, fine food and a spectacular vista! Pure Perfection!
Last week, a group of 20 people from around the world sat down to a gastronomic feast on a remote sandbar somewhere along the Great Barrier Reef for the 3rd in a series of 7 Explore Experiences hosted by G.H. Mumm Champagne House in partnership with South African Explorer and Environmentalist Mike Horn.

Mauro Colagreco, who was awarded his 1st Michelin Star within 1 year of opening his restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France, was the featured chef. The five course gourmet meal was prepared with local produce and seafoods and featured: “eschallot cream, granny smith apples and seaweed foam; grilled abalone with sesame sauce and tomato compote; and wild barramundi with paw-paw, green mango and citrus sauce. All accompanied, of course, by sand-encrusted bottles of the finest Mumm vintages.”

The purpose of the initiative is to “extol the virtues of protecting the environment, while enjoying it in some of the most opulent and extreme ways possible.” “Staging events precisely where environmental concerns are the most acute is G.H Mumm’s way of reminding people that ecological issues rank high on its list of priorities.”

Next year’s Explorer Experience is slated for July 2010 in the Gobi Desert. G.H. Mumm announced it will be holding a contest in September where 10 lucky winners will get the chance to participate in the 4th edition of this exclusive series.

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