David de Rothschild’s Great Adventure

david de rothschild  and plastiki

David de Rothschild, the British adventurer and heir to one of the most famous fortunes in banking could be sitting back basking in every luxury available but instead he is preparing for yet another adventure.

The 31 year old environmentalist created Adventure Ecology, an organization that “uses the romance of adventure, and the power of the Internet, to unite the world’s schoolchildren, individuals, communities and industry in the fight against global warming and environmental degradation. ”

To date David has been across Antarctica, set a speed record for crossing the Greenland icecap, to Ecuador to raise awareness about the impact of petroleum pollution on the Amazon as well as to Japan to make a film about overfishing. He is now preparing for his next expedition that will see him crossing the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney on a one of a kind 60′ catamaran built with plastic bottles and recycled materials called the Plastiki. The route will pass threw a number of regions facing extreme environmental threats including the Great Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, a “swirling mass of plastic trash twice the size of Texas”. The crew was to set sail this August but the expedition has been postponed until later in the year

Focusing the attention on the adventure aspect brings a sense of excitement to issues that are far too often overlooked or viewed as problems no one wants to deal with and inspires the hearts and minds of the young and old alike. (You can follow the mission’s progress on twitter @plastiki )