A Room With a View

andrea kantelberg 1
andrea kantelberg 2

Some say they do their best thinking in the bathroom, can you imagine the ideas that could be generated in this space? Nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto this penthouse suite was designed by Andrea Kantelberg. of Kantelberg Design, a boutique interior design studio.

This internationally sought after sustainable designer is the recipient of numerous design awards including the International Interior Design Association SMART Environment Award. Andrea’s commitment to environmental sustainability began as a child and she is now guided by the philosophy that “beautiful design should not steal from the earth’s beauty”.

Andrea Kantel is the driving force behind the sustainable interior design movement and is considered a leader in this field. Her process begins first with the vision and the design and then the search begins for sustainable materials to fulfill it. This part should become easier as the company is set to launch AK Ecollection, a collection of sustainable furniture soon. Oh and i’m sure those are organic cotton towels by the side of the bath…