Ahhhhh the SLOW LIFE, Setting a New Standard for Luxury Tourism

six senses

“SLOW LIFE” : SUSTAINABLE – LOCAL – ORGANIC – WHOLESOME LEARNING – INSPIRING – FUN – EXPERIENCE . These are the core values espoused by Six Senses, a resort and spa management and development company established in 1995

Six Senses has an impressive and unwavering commitment to the environment while at the same time providing guests with personal attention and a luxurious experience that rewards all of the human senses.

Its cuisine fuses international flavors with local organically grown ingredients, Six Senses Spas take guests on exhilarating sensory journeys through many forms of holistic healing and a sense of wellbeing and through various options of body and beauty rituals. The resorts’ innovative interior design incorporates elements of the local culture with modern style to ensure surroundings that will inspire.

Other environmental measures include the use of construction techniques that are adapted to preserve the integrity of the environment and the local communities that surround them for all building projects as well as the use of sustainable materials. Six Senses is also committed to decarbonising by 2020.

Resorts can currently be found in the Maldives, Thailand, Viet Nam, Oman, Spain and Jordan and are also set to open in Brazil and Turkey over the next two years.

As is the Fresh Unlimited philosophy, one which more and more are beginning to observe, Six Senses embraces the idea of providing modern luxuries while taking exceptional care of the environment. A pleasurable experience that does not come at a cost to the planet or the welfare of its inhabitants – Now that’s a TRUE Luxury!