The Art of Perfume 2 – Eau de Yosh

yosh perfume2

Real perfume is made with the essence of real flowers and not with synthetic scents concocted in a laboratory. Since WWII however synthetic chemicals, some originating from the petroleum industry have become a key component of perfumes and there are concerns that some of these ingredients may pose health risks.

Some perfumers have recognized the value of authentic flower and plant essences and have returned to the ancient art of perfume making. Yosh Han is one of these perfumers. She began her perfuming career as an apprentice in 1994 in Colorado where she learned to identify and combine the healing essential oils and sensuous perfume essences.

Today Yosh, who spends her time between San Francisco and New York (when she is not traveling the globe in search of exotic scents), uses the elixirs she finds in her own modern practice of the ancient art of perfumery and combines them with the principles of aromachology, chakra energy and numerology to create signature scents that entice the senses, fascinate the mind, and enchant the soul.
($200 for 8 ml, $500 for custom scent)