Green Fashion Grows Up – The Meiling Chen Edition

meiling chen collection 4 sm

Green or eco fashion has been around for some years now but until recently a lot of it was either a step behind the latest trends or very avant guard and never reached the mainstream. More and more however designers representing all spectrums of fashion from couture to ready to wear are choosing to use sustainable fabrics for their collections providing some great options for any fashionista.

Meiling Chen is one such designer. She is one of the founding members of Eko Lab, a unique collaborative of six designers committed to sustainable fashion. Their philosophy is that each person makes an impact with their purchases and that clothes should be made fabulously with sustainable materials and in a humanitarian environment.

Meiling‘s background studying various forms of visual expression has led to a one of a kind collection of beautiful fun flirty pieces that have a sculpted element to them. These creations are not trendy but rather fresh and classic and would be a welcome addition to any fashion lover’s closet.