Planning to sail the Caribbean but don’t have a ride?

Silver eco yacht
The Silver eco-yacht is up for sale or charter! The owner who commissioned its construction specifically asked that it be environmentally conscious but also wanted the design to be unique and reliable. The end result is a vessel that offers the ultimate in luxury while ensuring fuel efficiency. (consumption rate is 500 litres per hour at 18 knots)

Features of this triple deck “superyacht”, as it has become known, include a jacuzzi, salons, a sun deck, a cinema, a bar, a sauna, a gym, an office, widescreen satellite televisions, and wifi internet access. Various watersports equipment like jetskis are also available. There is no word on whether the interior of the yacht was designed with sustainable materials however the achievement in terms of fuel efficiency is a major accomplishment and a great 1st step.

The Silver can accommodate 18 guests and a 16 member crew and can be chartered for between $200,000 and $500,000 per week + expenses.

Ahh! the freedom of the open seas with all the amenities and comfort of a 5 Star luxury hotel!
(via Super Yacht Times and Quintessentially)