France hosts 1st edition of 1.618 Sustainable Luxuries Fair

1.618 sustainable luxury fair 1 title
On May 15th to the 17th France’s Ministry of Culture along with the WWF hosted the first edition of 1.618 Sustainable Luxuries Fair at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

The goal of this artistic and cultural exhibition is to “inform, support, sensitize and participate in the changes occurring in consumers’ behaviors and to promote a responsible approach to consuming through legitimate needs, aspirations and creativity.”

The name for the exhibit 1.618 or Phi, is symbolic as it “represents the mathematical ratio that defines a divine proportion as a universal key to harmony that originates in nature”.

The complete list of exhibitors who were chosen by a panel of sustainable development experts has not been released yet but spanned a variety of industries and included Tesla Motors, Bijou JEL, and Six Senses resorts.

It was a bit of a daring feat to put on such an event at this time, especially given the state of the world’s economies, however I believe it can only be a good thing for all things green. ( Yes I know we’ve become saturated with the word “green” but hopefully this just applies to the word and not the concept.) The more people become aware that there are downsides associated with the conventional products they’ve been purchasing and that there are greener (better) options out there the better it is overall for the planet.