A Little Warmth for these Ridiculously Cold Winter Days

Introductory video (with subtitles)

Full length video  (no subtitles)

Nope it’s not Born Free but it’s just as good!  This video which has apparently been circulating since the summer is a clip from a documentary made in 1971 “A Lion at World’s  End” It depicts the true story of 2 Australians who were living in London and bought a lion cub at Harrods.  They didn’t like seeing him living in a small cage and wanted to rescue him from those conditions.   The cub which they named Christian, lived as a pampered cat for a year until it became obvious that he was getting too big for their urban environment.

After a chance meeting with 2 of the actors from the Born Free movie, the two owners decided to seek the help of wildlife conservationist George Adamson (the man the Born Free movie is based on) who was able to successfully integrate Christian into the African wild.   The video clip shows their first reunion with Christian after he had become acclimated and after they had been warned that he might not remember them.

Not only is it uplifting but this story demonstrates the strong bond between humans and animals and their reliance on us, especially when it comes to their habitat.  The owners were inspired by their experience with Christian and George Adamson and are now part of the George Adamson Trust and are pursing more conservation work. If you’d like to see what they’re up to you can go to Wildlife Now