Ever Been On Safari?

sabi-sabi-safariWould you like to go on one? There’s a really cool site that allows you to watch live as an expert ranger leads a safari drive through the Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa.  There are 2 drives each day, one at 6 am (central african time) and the other at 16:30 pm (central african time). So far we’ve seen mongoose, buffalo, leopards, giraffes, hippos and rhinos.  Still waiting on the elephants and lions though.  The next best thing to being there!

Now if you’d like to experience a safari in person the Djuma Game Reserve offers several options for accommodations.  Sabi Sabi is another nearby resort that offers the ultimate in luxury accommodations.  Located in the heart of the African wilderness, it is the recipient of a number of environmental and tourism awards and was also the first company in the world to receive Fair Trade in Tourism accreditation.  The resort recognizes how vital the wilderness is to mankind and is fully committed to protecting and preserving it for future generations.