All linens are not created equal

Some say luxury linens are not only an indulgence but are essential to a good night’s sleep.  These linens distinguish themselves by the fabric used, the weave  and the thread count.  As with most things,  “organic” is the first step to a luxury linen.  There is nothing remotely luxurious about lying on sheets filled with chemical pesticides and herbicides that your skin can absorb or that you can breath in.  According to the About Organic Cotton Organization,  conventional cotton is one of the most pesticide laden crops on the planet.

The next step to luxury linens is the weave and the thread count (some as high as 1200 tc) with these ensuring a softer feel to the touch and a longer life expectancy.

If you want to bring the comfort and elegance of the 6 Star Hotel experience at home there are a number of options one of which is Anna Sova who offers high quality Italian made organic cotton bedding with thread counts as high as 600.   Sheet sets retail from $250 to $750