Will the New Electric Porsche See the Light of Day? Let’s Hope Not!


Will this porsche ever be green?

This was supposed to be a story about the new electric version of Porsche’s 911 being produced by Ruf Automobile, the German automotive company that has been tuning Porsches for a long time.  (as seen on treehugger). That was until we came across information about the possible health  risks posed by electromagnetic fields which are said to be emitted by hybrid and electric vehicles.

There seems to be a lot of band wagon jumping these days ie. fluorescent light bulbs….  Someone comes out with a new product with claims of a benefit to the environment (which are often  legitimate) and everyone jumps in without first looking at the whole picture. This seems to be the case with electric and hybrid cars.

New York Times article by Jim Motavalli published earlier this year raised concerns about exposure to EMF’s when driving in an electric or hybrid car and the very serious health risks they pose   (dr. mercola).  “The concern over high E.M.F. levels in hybrids has come not just from worrisome instrument readings, but also from drivers who say that their hybrids make them ill.”

It appears  that some manufacturers in the “green” economy may be no different that those in the mainstream economy … deny there is a problem until there is incontrovertible proof to the contrary and in the meantime let the consumer bear the brunt of the risk…

With the threat of climate change looming over our heads with an ever increasing urgency, we, as a collective are frantically searching for answers but there is something to be said for thoroughly evaluating new technologies before fully endorsing them especially when there are other options available.  The infrastructure investment is too heavy to make a mistake.

One option that merits further attention, and by attention I mean a thorough look at the benefits and all possible risks,  is compressed air.  Magnetic Air Cars Inc. in Silicon Valley is currently working on a prototype.  The company will also be able to retro fit existing vehicles so maybe there is hope for a green porsche afterall!