I’ll Take My Lingerie Without Formaldehyde Thanks…


An Ohio woman has launched a lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret because of the negative health  effects she suffered after wearing one of the company’s bras.  Several other women have contacted her with similar stories and are hoping to make it a class action lawsuit. Lawyers had the bra tested in a lab and found it contained traces of formaldehyde.

It turns out that formaldehyde is a common additive to fabric because of the easy care properties it provides such as preventing wrinkling and static cling among others.  What manufacturers seem to have overlooked is the health risks it poses when absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.  You can see more at dr. mercola.

Fortunately there are some designers and companies who are offering alternatives.  Designers like Stella McCartney who are committed to producing clothing that is free from these potentially toxic chemicals.  Described as the epitome of pure luxury, Stella McCartney’s first lingerie collection was launched last January and is constructed with all natural fabrics including silks and sustainably produced organic cotton. (as seen in elle canada )

Hmm… lingerie with no physical side effects what a novel idea!