The World’s 1st Certified Organic Caviar


With the holidays come the celebrations and with the celebrations comes the champagne, organic of course!  And what’s a glass of champagne without a little caviar? Well, for some of us at least…

According to research including some paintings inside of royal tombs, the sturgeon’s eggs have been harvested and preserved as a gastronomic treat since at least 2400 BC.(world reviewer)  Beluga caviar, the most prized of all caviar may have become somewhat of a politically incorrect food to eat given its endangered status but all is not lost. Spanish company, Caviar Riofrio is producing the world’s first and only certified organic beluga caviar.

The sturgeon are raised in the clean clear waters of the Riofrio River in Andalusa Spain and are fed a diet of certified organic feed.

The company has received several awards both for its environmental initiatives as well as the quality of its products including the Gold Medal in 2005 at the Caviar International Tastings.  The caviar has also been ranked by CITES as Beluga (highest) quality.
60 gm or 2oz sells for about $115/oz