The Art of Perfume: going back to its roots

si-perfumePerfume making is an art as old as civilization and for most of this time centered around a variety of essential oils.  It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that synthetics, compounds derived from petroleum, were introduced in the equation.

There seems to have been two reasons for the introduction of these synthetics the first being for control purposes. Because of external factors that can’t be controlled ie. rain, sun, wind…,  no two crop of flowers or plants will deliver an identical scent.  It was felt that introducing synthetics would address this problem.  The second reason is less noble and deals with cost.  Some of the essential oils used in perfume making are very rare and very expensive.  Synthetic versions of these scents have brought the cost of perfume down but have also brought along a number of  health concerns.

The good news is that some perfume makers are returning to their roots and are creating exquisite scents using only pure organic essential oils.  One such company is Strange Invisible which creates a line of organic perfumes and will also customize a scent. (1/4 ounce   $185.00)