Fresh Unlimited at the Geminis!


Fresh Unlimited is going to the Geminis!, well one of our products is anyway.  We’re providing our Tres’Or Beeswax Candles for the Gemini Award’s Eco Lounge.

I know – another gift lounge for celebrities….  We kind of get an “icky “ feeling when it comes to gift lounges – something doesn’t seem quite right about all that extravagance, all for the sake of publicity – but this one seemed a little different.  With the emphasis being on ecological products we felt it was an opportunity to inform people about the variety of green products available in the market place.

The hope is that, all things being equal and given the choice between  a conventional item and one that is environmental, people will choose the green version of products, the one that causes no harm to the environment.  (Gemini Awards Gala will air on November 28th. )