In the Market for a Yacht? Why not go green?

Green Jet concept yacht

(Green Jet concept yacht)

(DSe yacht)

“Renewable energy meets exquisite indulgence in a sleek new design concept from naval architect Erik Sifre”. The Green Jet Luxury Yacht concept was unveiled at this year’s Dubai International Boat Show. Erik Sifrer, used the green power of the sea and wind combined with cutting edge technologies to create this 187 foot concept vessel.  The yacht features all the amenities expected of a luxury vessel and more.  The deck-scape includes a circular pool/jacuzzi, the interior is designed according to the buyer’s preferences and as with all luxury yachts there is a separate area for guests and crew.  The massive sails also have colored lights that light up at night giving the appearance of a floating night club.

It is estimated that the vessel will cost $70 million and take 3 to 6 years to build so get your order in now!  What d’ya say Mr. Soros, what better way to spend that $2 + billion than to lead with way in the greening of our oceans and waterways?

Then again if you’re in a hurry for your yacht, you can consider one of the solar yachts currently available.  Set to debut on October 30th is the DSe Hybrid by Island Pilot or the Stability Luxury 66 by Stability Yachts using 100% solar power. Bon Voyage!