Fairmont’s Bermuda golf course among the greenest

Golf Inc has unveiled its inaugural Green Awards and the Fairmont Southampton Golf Course in Bermuda was selected as one of the 3 winners in the Golf Course category. Golf Inc. created the Green Awards as part of its commitment to promoting responsible environmental stewardship and to recognize courses and companies that are doing the same.  Among the golf course’s green initiatives are the Leave-It-Green Reforestation Programme and a computer controlled irrigation system which allows them to use reclaimed water to irrigate the  course.  The Fairmont Southampton Golf club  is also the only club in Bermuda to receive Audubon certification.

This focus on the environment however takes nothing away from the course itself which commands some of the island’s loftiest and most scenic settings and was ranked by Golf Digest as one of the “Top 200 Best Places to Play in the World”.   Who knows the satisfaction of playing on a course with the knowledge that it poses no harm to the native habitat might even lower your score!

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