Champagne the organic way

Tucked away in the village of Avize in France’s Champagne region lies a small but innovative century old boutique champagne house determined to revolutionize the traditional champagne industry by focusing on terroir driven or single vineyard champagne

Traditionally champagne made by the big houses has combined different wines from various regions to create a signature blend but there is an increased awareness by consumers that like fine wines, champagne can express the true identity and character of the land from which it derives.

Anselme Selosse, considered a visionary by many, took over Champagne Jacques Selosse from his father in 1980 and has since  been challenging old definitions of what fine champagne is.  He is committed to low yields and viticulture and has been credited with having pioneered the ultra-organic system of biodynamics.  His passion for the land, the vine and the end product is undeniable.

Selosse champagnes have been describes as “demanding, intense and uncompromisingly original”  Proof that tradition and innovation can combine to produce excellence.
What more perfect complement could there be to our Fresh Unlimited Distinctive Gourmet gift basket than a bottle of Champagne Jacques Selosse.  (Prices range from $115 to $600 per bottle)